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"Our mission is to provide access to food services and inspire happier, healthier communities"  

Handinhand values
human centered design

By combining many food programs into one central directory, users can have a more wide range, personalized scope of food programs. Users can find which food programs operate on the days they are free, which food programs are nearest to them, and so on to best fit their needs.

We value our users at the core of our design process
Bridging the digital divide 

With the information being scattered across different website, pages and flyers, one central directory allows for quick and easy access of information.

promoting digital equity

Our site can help people find the information to gain assistance, improving lives and uplifting the community.

by helping people gain the resources they need to thrive
Meet the team

Hectic yet motivated, Annika is a student at TIDE Academy who loves day-dreaming of possible realities a tad out of her reach. If she has the chance to grab those possibilities though, she can work on it for hours at end. Her current passions include skateboarding, going out on adventures, meeting inspirational people, and finding peaceful places.


Organized and detail-oriented student with entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, and a love for immersing myself in projects that inspire me. I love being part of teams that are efficient, effective, and passionate about what they're working on. When I'm not learning or trying new things, you can find me at the golf course.

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